Pets policies

Important notice

Any pet deemed agressive or with undesirable behavior (barking) you will be asked to leave the permises or acces to the Park will be refused.

The customer is responsable of the behavior of his animal and he must ensure the tranquility of these neighbors, a matter of respect.

Your pet must be in leash at all times and must be please to respect prohibited areas such as the beach, get the information panflet about your pet at the leslie Park.

  • Dogs are never to be left unattended and always tied even at your site.
  • Dogs who are nervous, agressif must be muzzled also if they bark too much in order to not disturb others.
  • Dogs are not allowed on the beach except at the designated spot for swimming.
  • Dogs are not allowed at the office.
  • Dogs are forbidden in the cabins.
  • All registered campers are responsible for their dogs. (Make sure your child can control the animal when walking them)
  • Leslie Park does not take any responsabilites for any incident regarding your dog.

ll infractions to the rules will result in the following penalties:

Daily and weekend campers

  • 1st  notice does not entail a penalty.
  • 2nd notice will cause expulsion from the park.

Seasonal campers

  • 1st notice does not entail a penalty.
  • 2nd written notice will cause the loss of privilege to bring your dog to the park for the season.
  • 3rd written notice will cause expulsion from the park

    All campers are requested to comply with the regulations;

    otherwise they could be evicted immediately without reimbursement.

    Management may modify these regulations without prior notice.